e woman thought about it. The woman pursed her lips and frowned." Forget it, take the old man to the hospital first, and then talk about it. " "Under the balance, the woman decided to help him. She hurried forward, picked up the crutches on one side, handed them to the old man, gently lifted the old man, and patted the dust on his body. : "Uncle, let's go to the hospital and see! Then he took a taxi and left Marlboro Cigarettes. "The patient is fine, just rest. After hearing the doctor's diagnosis, the woman was relieved and sat in the ward waiting for the elderly's family members. Soon, two young people broke in and hurried to the bed, shouting anxiously "Dad! dad! Are you OK? !! The old man woke up slowly and didn't say anything. "Dad, who hit you, let's go to him and make sense!" The old man looked around blankly, and suddenly pointed at the woman with trembling and said, "It's her." She hit me! The young man turned around and yelled at her: "It turned out to be you! You hit your dad!" The woman was in Mongolia for a while, and quickly stood up and said, "Not me!" Uncle, you forgot, I brought you to the hospital, and a young man hit you! "Also quibble!" Even if you hit it, would you dare not admit it? !! A few days later, the woman was sitting at home, very annoyed, because she had been running around since the old man was wronged a few days ago, hoping to find a witness to testify to her, but passers-by were gone, where to look What about this? She was so bad. The old man's son has come several times and asked the woman to take charge, otherwise she will bring her to court. "What can I do ..." While the woman was still upset, the doorbell There was a sound. She quickly got up to open the door, and it turned out to be the old man and his child. The woman hurriedly invited them in. The two young men smiled embarrassedly Cheap Cigarettes, rubbed their hands and said, " Sister, I'm sorry. We blame you a few days ago, and we come to apologize to you. "This is ..." The woman didn't understand what was going on Online Cigarettes. The old man smiled and held her hand. "Child, I'm sorry." That day, the old man I just woke up, my head was a bit unconscious, I blame you. Today, I personally brought them to pay for your sins, don't you mind! "The two young men hurriedly handed things in their hands." This is our compensation, please accept it. The woman quickly stood up and stopped them. "It's all right, this is what I should do, don't do this. "Child, we're giving you trouble. "All right, uncle, I won't mind. The woman responded with a smile. "Ha ha, good boy, thank you so much!" "The old man smiled happily. The woman looked at the old man's smile, and she couldn't express her comfort. She also smiled at understanding and trust. We must also learn the qualities of a woman who is helpful and have good virtues.
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