Walking alone on a street, slowly, as if there was no end. "I don't want you to care. I won't go back." The childish voice hit the tympanic membrane and looked around. A little boy was struggling to get rid of grandma's arm. It seems to be reluctant to rotate the Trojan. It was his words that made my thoughts drift towards those unfamiliar years-childhood. I remember that time, I was flying a kite in the field with the children in the village. That day my kite was flying the highest, and I was very interested. But at this moment, my grandmother came to call me home for dinner. I pretended not to hear it, and thought to myself: I will leave without leaving. But my grandma came over three times, five times and two to put my kite away, dragged me away, and said, "When did you lose your ears?" Looking at the proud expression of the other children, I was anxious: " I do n��t eat, I ��m going to fly a kite. ��Then I squatted on the ground. "Not obedient yet." Grandma said and picked me up. I also cried anxiously: "Bad grandma, when I grow up, it will fly as high as a kite, so you can't catch it." "Then wait until you grow up." . From that day on, a seed that I wanted to fly was buried in my little heart. Whenever there is a "conflict" with my grandma <a href="cigarettesusaonline.com/marlboro-gold-online_c4">Marlboro Gold</a>, I think angrily: When I grow up, I must fly to the sky like a kite, so that you can't catch it. Time flies like dreams, rubbing my sorrowful eyes, only to find that I have been tossing and turning for more than a dozen years, and the swaying birthday candles tell me that I have grown up. But at this time, I always thought, did I really grow up? Why childhood dreams are not rea about it Turning to my studies and our school affairs, I answered them one by one. Actually, the distance between me and my grandma is getting farther and farther. When I was young, I would hear her nagging several times a day. In junior high school, I could only hear it once a day, but now I rarely hear it. I fly slowly like a kite. Far away, towards the sky, towards the white clouds. But flying no matter how high or far away <a href="salesmoking.com">Parliament Cigarettes</a>, it is inseparable from the line, will not get out of the grandmother's line of sight, let alone get out of the grandma's miss <a href="buyusacigarettes.com">Marlboro Red</a>. After all, kite needs thread, and I need grandma's thoughts. Just like the sad old saying "The tree desires to be quiet and the wind stops, the child desires to raise and the parents can't wait", I grabbed the voice of Jay Chou floating in the distance: "Listen to Grandma's words, don't let her hurt, want Grow up quickly to protect he<br/>Related articles:<br/> <a href="mehfeel.net/mehfeel/blogs/post/188401">Cigarettes Online</a>
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